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Amazon’s HQ2 (C): Choices

Amazon’s first bid for a second headquarters (HQ2), published in September 2017, attracted a lot of attention and eventually proposals from 238 cities and regions in North America. In this case, it is about the company’s decision to split its HQ2 into two locations and the resulting reaction from local politicians and the public.

Pandesic: The Challenges of a New Business Venture (A)

Pandesic is a joint venture between SAP and Intel with the goal of developing turnkey information architectures for market research companies. The case examines the problems in the development of the joint venture from the perspective of its general management. Describe the development of your strategy and organization. At the end of the case, performance …

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Designing a Surgical Quality Improvement Project at Eastern State Medical Center

In this case, the challenges, benefits, and costs of hospital participation in a widely recognized benchmarking program aimed at improving surgical quality are examined. The American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP¬Æ) reports twice a year to participating hospitals and benchmarks based on data submitted by more than 500 hospitals. Participation …

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Google: Should “Dragonfly” Fly?

In 2018, China was the world’s largest Internet services market. In addition to the huge size of the market, the comparatively low penetration made the country an immensely attractive market for search engine services. To conquer this market, Google planned to re-enter the Chinese market after exiting the market in 2010 with a censored search …

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