Marsh and McLennan Companies

This case concerns MMC’s problems in three of its main business areas, which emerged in 2003 and 2004 in rapid succession. The primary focus is on the company’s reputational risks and how shareholder value can be destroyed if such risks occur. In two of the three cases, market capitalization losses dwarf accounting losses from fines, …

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Google: Should “Dragonfly” Fly?

In 2018, China was the world’s largest Internet services market. In addition to the huge size of the market, the comparatively low penetration made the country an immensely attractive market for search engine services. To conquer this market, Google planned to re-enter the Chinese market after exiting the market in 2010 with a censored search …

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Southern Implants: Designing and Manufacturing Dental Implants to the World

Southern Implants, a South African dental implant manufacturer, was considering ways to diversify its risk. Over the past 30 years, the company had grown from a local manufacturing company and now serves customers around the world through distributors and affiliates. The founder and managing director were primarily concerned with the final steps of production, which …

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The Edificio Espana: A Global Investor Meets Local Politics

The Dalian Wanda Group Co. Ltd. (Wanda) was a rapidly growing real estate empire in China built by Jianlin Wang, the richest man in China. In 2010, Wang transformed Wanda into an entertainment company and embarked on an ambitious international growth strategy. There were hardly any limits to his ambitions; However, one of his acquisitions, …

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Pacific Salmon Co., Inc.

RRR, a $ 1 billion private equity fund, is trying to determine how much to bid for Pacific Salmon Inc. and how to finance the acquisition.

Quality of Earnings

Provides a discussion of the quality of return characteristics, the relationship to the return multiplier, application and measurement, volatility, and risk affecting the quality of return.