Southern Implants: Designing and Manufacturing Dental Implants to the World

Case Solution

Amy Moore, Marianne Matthee
Ivey Publishing ()

Southern Implants, a South African dental implant manufacturer, was considering ways to diversify its risk. Over the past 30 years, the company had grown from a local manufacturing company and now serves customers around the world through distributors and affiliates. The founder and managing director were primarily concerned with the final steps of production, which included cleaning, sterilization and packaging. While Southern Implants had four workshops in South Africa, in the final stages of production all items for these final packaging steps were returned to Southern Implants. The managing director wanted to build another treatment plant abroad, but considered which location would be the best for this plant. The United States was the largest implant market in the South, but labor costs were high. Portugal was another option and had an investor-friendly economic environment without discrimination between domestic and foreign investors. What organizational and financial risks had to be taken into account before making this decision?

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