Total’s Carbon Capture and Storage Project at LACQ (B): Gaining Public Acceptance of New Technology

Case Solution

Devin McDaniels, Frances Bowen
Ivey Publishing ()

This case series describes the strategic decisions that Jean-Michel Gires, Vice President of Sustainable Development at Total E&P France (TEPF), faces when developing and implementing a community engagement strategy. Case A begins with the approval of a pilot carbon capture and storage (CCS) system at TEPF Lacq’s facilities in France and describes the strategic context for the community engagement process. Case B will be located three years later, when CCS facilities come online, and Gires reviews the successes and failures of the completed community engagement strategy. The case encompasses a number of questions that affect the decision-making context, including: the role of CCS in mitigating climate change; an overview of CCS technology; TEPF’s climate change strategy; the history of TEPF’s operations in the Lacq gas field and interactions with local communities; The United States. Climate change regulatory environment (including carbon pricing and CCS) and regulatory uncertainty in CCS in France.

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