Making the Grade (A)

It focuses on the dilemma of a young professor at a graduate school of business administration. He must decide what final grade he will give to a student who has worked very hard, but is limited by the school’s Forced Curve grading policy. Designed to examine the multiple purposes of performance measurement (motivation, evaluation, early …

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Designing and Managing the Information Age IT Architecture

The co-evolution of technology, labor, and labor over the past 30 years has dramatically affected our understanding of the organizations and industries in which they compete. IT is no longer just a tool to support “back office” transactions, but it has become a strategic part of most companies, allowing the redefinition of markets and industries, …

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CML Group, Inc.: Going Public (B)

It includes a description of some of the issues CML Group management faces as the company moves forward with its IPO. Topics and issues addressed in this case include: Considerations in selecting an underwriting team, The IPO market; IPOs as a mechanism for private investors to reap their investments; and short-term management responses to changing …

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Novartis: Leading a Global Enterprise

Novartis, the world’s leading healthcare company, was formed in 1996 from the merger of two very different mid-size Swiss pharmaceutical companies. The case tracks the evolution of the company over the past 17 years as it has grown into a truly global company with 127,000 employees of 153 nationalities in 140 countries, with 2012 sales …

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Jefferson County (D): February of 2008

Jefferson County, Alabama, is facing a mandate from the EPA that requires updating its sewer system. How will you finance the updates? What are the consequences?

Paytm: Targeting More Pockets for Its Mobile Wallet

Paytm was a leader in the Indian market for mobile wallets, a digital service that enables payments via mobile devices. Paytm’s main customer, Uber, which developed and operated a smartphone-based passenger transportation app to compete with traditional taxi companies, originally used the Paytm mobile wallet as the sole payment method for Uber rides in India. …

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RKO Warner Video, Inc.: Incentive Compensation Plan

Describes the design and implementation of a bonus plan for video store managers. The problem for the chain’s top management is getting store managers to “push themselves”, keep business orderly and organized, and be courteous and efficient with customers. The design of the bonus plan is simple: Instead of trying to measure the neatness of …

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Insteel Wire Products: ABM at Andrews

In 1996 Insteel introduced an activity-based calculation system (ABC). He considers pallet nails to be his most profitable product and decides to expand the number of cells used to make pallet nails from two to four. A repeat of the 1997 ABC study shows that pallet nails have become the least profitable product.