Novartis: Leading a Global Enterprise

Case Solution

William W. George, Krishna G. Palepu, Carin-Isabel Knoop
Harvard Business School ()

Novartis, the world’s leading healthcare company, was formed in 1996 from the merger of two very different mid-size Swiss pharmaceutical companies. The case tracks the evolution of the company over the past 17 years as it has grown into a truly global company with 127,000 employees of 153 nationalities in 140 countries, with 2012 sales of $ 56.7 billion and net income of $ 9.6 billion, making the company one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world. CEO since 2010, Joe Jimenez had been taken over by one of Fusion’s architects and Legacy’s visionary CEO, Daniel Vasella. He realized that the global healthcare environment would be challenging for Novartis for years to come and that Novartis needed to ensure it had the right strategy, structure, talent and spirit to fulfill its ambitions.

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