Reaching the Summit and Beyond: Hong Kong Broadband Network’s Innovative Approach to Talent Management

Case Solution

Riki Takeuchi, Ivy Sanket Buche
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ()

The case is based on Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), the territory’s second-largest broadband service provider in 2012. The young and dynamic company is growing faster than its competitors and attributes this success to its innovative approach to managing the business. talent, which involves recruiting, developing, retaining and rewarding its 3,080 talent base. HKBN’s talent development programs are designed to foster strong individual, team, and organizational performance and to inspire a highly engaged workforce and high-performance work culture across the company. When HKBN’s parent company, City Telecom, sold HKBN and all related telcos to a global private equity firm in mid-2012, CVC Capital Partnersit introduced NiQ Lai, Head of Talent Engagement and Chief Financial Officer, a new challenge. The new guideline for NiQ should lead HKBN to an initial public offering (IPO) in three to five years. The key question was: How should the management team use its talent base to maximize the value of the company?

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