Performance Management for Health in Washington State

By the mid-2000s, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) had built a national reputation as an innovative and effective agency. But beginning in 2005, when Governor-elect Christine Gregoire introduced a performance management system at the state level, the Government Management, Accountability and Performance Health Department (GMAP) and other government agencies had to regularly explain …

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Making the Grade (A)

It focuses on the dilemma of a young professor at a graduate school of business administration. He must decide what final grade he will give to a student who has worked very hard, but is limited by the school’s Forced Curve grading policy. Designed to examine the multiple purposes of performance measurement (motivation, evaluation, early …

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Granite Rock Co.

Granite Rock is an exceptionally well-run company and, despite a 6% profit margin, it has consistently gained market share in a commodities business dominated by multinational giants. The case contains a brief history of Granite Rock from its inception in 1895 to 1992, the year the company received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. It …

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Readiness to Internationalize at Maynooth Natural Granite

While internationalization can provide growth opportunities for small Canadian businesses, the challenges it brings can be daunting. In August 2013, the founder and president of Maynooth Natural Granite considered expanding his small business internationally. He was pleased to be able to make his gravel pit a recognized supplier of washed ornamental rock in Ontario. However, …

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Reaching the Summit and Beyond: Hong Kong Broadband Network’s Innovative Approach to Talent Management

The case is based on Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), the territory’s second-largest broadband service provider in 2012. The young and dynamic company is growing faster than its competitors and attributes this success to its innovative approach to managing the business. talent, which involves recruiting, developing, retaining and rewarding its 3,080 talent base. HKBN’s talent …

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Personal Charters

It is very difficult to be an effective leader if you don’t know who you are and what you want. People in leadership positions are expected to clarify things for other purposes, visions, values, strategies, and goals. This technical note describes various fundamentals of an effective workgroup and organizational charter, including the important elements of …

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Measuring Interim Period Performance

Covers intermediate accounting goals, theories, and practices. Specific financial analysis concerns related to this topic will be discussed. A rewritten version of a previous note.

James Cranston

Describe the attitudes, feelings, and perceptions of the manager conducting the performance appraisal interview.

Hamilton Financial Investments: A Franchise Built on Trust

Provides a tool for students to assess risk management in the fast-paced mutual fund industry. A new risk manager has been hired to implement new management controls and procedures. A series of decisions will determine how much business and franchise risk the company takes.