McDonald’s Corporation

Case Solution

Frank T. Rothaermel, John Kim
McGraw-Hill Education ()

McDonald’s newly appointed CEO Chris Kempczinski, who assumed office on November 4, 2019, is the protagonist of the case. With $21 billion in sales (in 2019) and 45,000 restaurants globally (thereof 27,000 in the United States), McDonald’s remains the largest quickservice restaurant (QSR) chain. Attempting to be “everything for everybody,” McDonald’s fell victim to being “stuckinmiddle,” without a clear strategic position. Kempczinski must confront several challenges if he is to return the company to its former glory, including: 1) How to balance the need to introduce new items while addressing “menu bloat”? 2) How to reestablish the reputation for quality products? 3) How can you reach millennials? 4) How can the customer experience be improved across all channels and locations (in-store, delivery, and drive-through)? 5) How can growth be reactivated?

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