The European Recycling Platform: Promoting Competition in E-Waste Recycling

The European Recycling Platform was the only pan-European recycling organization created in response to the groundbreaking European Union directive promoting e-waste recycling. Braun, Electrolux, HewlettPackard, and Sony introduced ERP in 2002 as an alternative to the monopoly waste collection systems that existed in various European countries at the time. ERP was based on the principle …

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Ubernomics (B): Uber’s Car Services

Uber offered a variety of car services that varied by city. The full range of services included UberX, UberBLACK, UberSUV, UberSELECT / PLUS, UberXL, UberLUX, and UberTAXI. The services varied according to the type of car offered and the rate charged. In big cities, there was the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of …

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Technology Strategy for a Diversified Corporation

The technology strategy for a diversified company must be developed in a manner consistent with the general strategies of the individual business areas and the group as a whole. Topics covered in this note include the level of R&D spending, the allocation of resources to technology programs, trade-offs between long- and short-term projects, the balance …

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Palm (D): Epilogue as of 2008

This series of cases addresses three important turning points in Palm’s history that relate to decisions about its platform: when the company considered opening its operating system (OS) to licensing to third-party hardware manufacturers; 2001 when the company decided to split into two independent companies; and in 2005 when the company migrated from its own …

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Corporate Venture Capital Primer

The introduction to Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) follows the journey of Claudia Fan Munce, who leads CVC for a large hardware and software conglomerate, as she and her team identify and explore opportunities to partner with startups in the healthcare industry. Along the way, students learn about the history of CVC, the relationship between CVCs …

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Jim Sharpe: Extrusion Technology, Inc. (A)

Jim Sharpe, 11 years after receiving his MBA from Harvard and working for others, is finally his own boss and 100% owner of a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion profiles. After 10 months of unfunded search, he acquires the company in an LBO and prepares to face his employees on the first day.