eRecon Software Development at Hospital Corporation of America

Case Solution

Kenneth J. Klassen, Leanne Rayo
Ivey Publishing ()

On July 28, 2014, the eRecon technical team from the Hospital Corporation of America Medical Services Group met in the main conference room, as they did every Monday morning. The goal of the meeting was to review the project plan and update the task completion for the team’s two-year work on a six-phase internal development of a custom web-based accounting software called eRecon. As team members worked on each task and updated the percentage they had done so far, they became increasingly concerned with getting the critical source data they needed from HR. They were approaching their deadline and not it was clear what the consequences would be if they did not receive the data in a timely manner and what effect the delay in the completion deadline of December 8, 2014 would have for the next phase. With 125 end users waiting patiently for eRecon to be completed, was the technical team able to guarantee the success of the project?

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