Xiamen Airlines: Pay for Performance

On June 6, 2014, the Deputy General Manager of the Human Resources Department of Xiamen Airlines, based in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, discussed his company’s “best practices” at the first China National Forum on Aircraft Safety. aviation. Since 2009, a major reform of the company’s pilot compensation system has been aimed at promoting a stronger …

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In January 2008, Márcio Luiz Simões Utsch, president and CEO of Sâo Paulo Alpargatas S.A., and his management team considered how Havaianas, a leading brand in rubber flip flops, should become a major global brand. Learning outcomes: The case examines how a Brazilian footwear company is trying to build a global brand in a highly …

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Three in the Middle: The Experience of Making Change at Micro Switch

It describes three middle managers who act as agents of change. Emphasize your personal roles and your “state of mind” at two points in the course of introducing a major cultural change. Although his comments are only six months apart, they have entered a more pessimistic and sobering phase in the process of change. It …

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Linear Optimization

Optimization involves choosing the best option from a series of available alternatives ordered by a specific objective, eg. Eg B. Investing a fixed amount of money in a variety of assets to maximize returns. This note provides an introduction

The Allergan Board Under Fire (A)

In 2014, the board of directors of Allergan Inc. received a surprise takeover offer from Valeant Pharmaceuticals in association with hedge fund activist Bill Ackmans Pershing Square Capital Management. In the unprecedented deal between a buyer and a hedge fund activist, Pershing Square had tacitly accumulated a 9.7% stake in Allergan prior to the Valeant …

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Katie Conboy: Leading Change at Simmons College

The Conboy case can be used to examine leadership and change the strategies and behaviors that are critical to establishing self-credibility, developing a vision for change, building stakeholder agreement, creating urgency, and building resistance that is overcome. It also provides a unique opportunity to discuss the options available to a leader whose change efforts may …

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Leadership Under High Pressure

When faced with a corporate crisis, managers must operate under conditions that are fundamentally different from those found in normal management processes. You may need to work with specialized teams and understand their priorities and decision-making processes without giving up your own responsibilities. The following case simulation confronts participants with a growing crisis situation in …

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Universal Basic Income: Is There a Case for India?

The 2016 Indian Economic Survey17 suggested a step-by-step implementation of the Universal Basic Income (UBI) concept as the fastest route to long-term poverty alleviation. High inequality and poverty, coupled with massive misallocation and waste in existing welfare systems, made India a perfect place to experiment with UBI. While the rapid expansion of Jan DhanAadhaarMobile’s infrastructure …

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Darden Business Publishing Gets Lean (B)

A consultant is hired to help an educational editor optimize production based on lean principles. In case B, the group prioritizes the problems it will address and determines how success will be measured.


This note describes the range of skills that can be used for good listening. The skills are designed as a continuum to help students learn when and where to use the various skills. The note is intended to be used in an elective course on interpersonal listening skills or in any class where an introduction …

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