Darden Business Publishing Gets Lean (B)

A consultant is hired to help an educational editor optimize production based on lean principles. In case B, the group prioritizes the problems it will address and determines how success will be measured.

Walmart China – Supply Chain Transformation

In late September 2015, the senior vice president of supply chain management at Walmart China was preparing to meet in Bentonville, Arkansas, where she was expected to give a presentation on plans for Walmart China’s distribution center network. . Investing in infrastructure would be the next big step in the transformation of the company’s supply …

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Building Sustainable Distribution at Walmart Canada

The Director of Logistics for Walmart Canada developed plans for a new distribution center in Alberta. Management had challenged them: Why not build the most sustainable distribution center in the world? However, it was not very clear how this challenge would translate into concrete actions, taking into account corporate sustainability goals. His team now examined …

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Grand Circle Travel: Where Risk Comes with the Territory

A global travel company is naturally exposed to the risks of natural and man-made disasters. How do you organize a business successfully when it has to deal with dangers, from small breakdowns to major disasters, almost every day? Alan and Harriet Lewis have created a successful travel company based on their idea of ​​”extreme competitive …

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The Project Life Cycle: Uncertainty and Risk Management

One of the ways to examine how projects are managed is to review the various stages throughout the project life cycle. In a previous note we examined how to plan the project, while in this note we showed how to incorporate uncertainty and risk into the plan. This results in the inclusion of buffers (of …

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Hrad Technika

He investigates a troubled IT outsourcing project from the point of view of IT service provider Hrad Technika. When used in conjunction with Tegan c.c.c. (9609038) is an opportunity to see both sides of the problem. When Hrad signs a contract to create a new accounts payable system for the Welsh toy retailer Tegan, the …

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3M Health Care

A summer intern at 3M Health Care must analyze the logistics systems of the health department and report their results to the vice president of 3M Health Care Markets. The vice president is most interested in recommendations for proposed changes to the existing way of delivering products to Canadian hospitals. This case provides students with …

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