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Better Medicine Through Information Technology

What impact could information technology have on health problems in the United States? IT appeared to have a rapid impact on improving transaction processing (cost reduction), accuracy of diagnoses and treatments (quality improvement), and, in some cases, availability of care. But what had to happen for IT to play a bigger role in healthcare today …

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Intuit, Inc.

Merging two computer software companies with fast-growing, non-overlapping products is strategically very sensible, but it raises difficult valuation and accounting issues. How can a company pay $ 225 million to acquire another company with negligible continuing income that promises an immediate one-time charge of $ 150 million, including $ 65 million in depreciation over the …

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OnStar: Connecting to Customers Through Telematics

OnStar, a vehicle safety and information services provider called Telematics, was founded in 1995 as a joint venture between General Motors (GM), EDS and founded Hughes Electronics Corp.. Safety and security services, including roadside assistance, emergency assistance after an accident, remote diagnosis and stolen vehicle tracking, have been the cornerstone of OnStar’s offering. Additionally, OnStar …

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IBM’s Reinventing Education (B): West Virginia

Describes IBM’s ongoing Reinventing Education initiative to improve K12 public education via information technology developed by IBM’s engineers and consultants. Focuses on one site, West Virginia, to reveal how IBM and the state created a mutually beneficial partnership that provided the basis for the next step of the initiativeReinventing Education 3.

Hrad Technika

He investigates a troubled IT outsourcing project from the point of view of IT service provider Hrad Technika. When used in conjunction with Tegan c.c.c. (9609038) is an opportunity to see both sides of the problem. When Hrad signs a contract to create a new accounts payable system for the Welsh toy retailer Tegan, the …

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Electronic Medical Records System Implementation at Stanford Hospital and Clinics

In 2005, Stanford Hospital and Clinics (SHC) was recognized internationally as a premier medical center for its clinical expertise and skills. However, the company lagged behind many of its competitors in terms of operations and information technology (IT). While other large healthcare providers of similar caliber had begun migrating to integrated electronic health records (EMR) …

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