COMCO Holding AG (B): COMCO Martech

COMCO Martech was a new type of joint venture for COMCO Holding, a mid-sized Swiss-German company that had grown over a period of five years through connections with small start-ups. Whereas a typical COMCO company served a large German retailer, was headquartered in German-speaking Europe, and COMCO Holding was given clear management control, COMCO Martech …

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Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd.

Li & Fung, one of Asia’s largest export trading companies, works primarily as an intermediary to connect American and European manufacturers and retailers of short-lived mass market consumer goods with East Asian suppliers who manufacture products to the designs of the clients. Li & Fung’s network of 2,000 suppliers in more than a dozen countries …

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America’s Budget Impasse, 2001-2020

America’s Budget Impasse, 2001-2020, draws on recent government documents to review America’s economic performance since 2001, the ideology and impact of the Bush tax cuts, Obama’s 2009 tax incentives, tax cuts of Trump in 2017 and President Trump’s budget proposal to examine fiscal year 2020.

Launching the European Food Safety Authority

The first food safety commission for the European Union is created. What about food safety, scientific assessments and people’s attitudes towards scientific changes in food growing and processing, for example genetically modified organisms?

Harley-Davidson Inc.: Dividend Discount Valuation

At the end of July 2018, a purchase analyst at Dimensional Wealth Group (DWG), a private investment firm, had to decide whether or not to change DWG’s position in the shares of HarleyDavidson Inc. (HarleyDavidson). DWG was bullish on its HarleyDavidson shares, which resulted in DWG increasing its position in HarleyDavidson significantly over time. However, …

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Turkey and the Southern Corridor

In December 2014, Russia canceled the South Stream pipeline, which was supposed to deliver natural gas through the Black Sea basin to Europe, and replaced it with a new pipeline through Turkey. The Turkish current was a great opportunity for Turkey to become an energy center for its region. TANAP had already secured a gas …

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Kunshan, Incorporated: The Making of China’s Richest Town

In 1980, the city of Kunshan was a pure landscape and was not on the radar of the Chinese government or the international business community. In 2010, Kunshan was the richest city per capita in China and a global technology hub with companies such as Foxconn, Compal Electronics, and Wistron. Kunshan’s entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial development …

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VP Group: Vegpro Grows Beyond Kenya

In 2013, Kenya’s vice president horticultural growers and exporters group weighed potential expansion opportunities against growing risks in its producing and export markets. At US $ 121 million in 2012, the VP Group has grown rapidly in recent years by expanding its vegetable and flower production beyond Kenya to Ethiopia and Ghana; Research new products …

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White Gold in Benin: Chinese Investment in Cotton

The Chinese chairman of the China-Benin joint venture Benin Textile Company (Compagnie BĂ©ninoise des Textiles, CBT for short) was very concerned about the cotton supply in Benin in mid-June 2011. Since 2009, CBT has faced significant challenges to ensure a reliable supply of cotton. The company had already placed its cotton orders in 2010, but …

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