COMCO Holding AG (B): COMCO Martech

Case Solution

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Pamela Yatsko
Harvard Business School ()

COMCO Martech was a new type of joint venture for COMCO Holding, a mid-sized Swiss-German company that had grown over a period of five years through connections with small start-ups. Whereas a typical COMCO company served a large German retailer, was headquartered in German-speaking Europe, and COMCO Holding was given clear management control, COMCO Martech was managed on a 5050 basis with a US partner, operating in Eastern Europe and provided decontamination services. for non-retail customers. The company got off to a rocky start. In this case, the difficulties encountered in managing cross-border cooperation are examined; the characteristics that promote compatibility between partners; and the factors that make up successful international alliances.

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