Walmart China – Supply Chain Transformation

In late September 2015, the senior vice president of supply chain management at Walmart China was preparing to meet in Bentonville, Arkansas, where she was expected to give a presentation on plans for Walmart China’s distribution center network. . Investing in infrastructure would be the next big step in the transformation of the company’s supply …

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Blockchain: A New Solution for Supply Integrity

In 2016, blockchain, the technological innovation behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, gained momentum as companies began to integrate blockchain-based technology into their existing business models. While blockchain technology was still in its infancy, it could potentially transform the $ 40 trillion global supply chain industry. Ultimately, the advent of blockchain would call into question the market …

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Operational Execution at Arrow Electronics

It describes the operation of the distribution center (from order acceptance to order fulfillment) and the importance of paying attention to the details of the process at Arrow Electronics, a large distributor of electronic components and computer products. The case also describes the steps the company is taking to obtain and maintain accurate inventory records …

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Hapag-Lloyd AG: Complying with IMO 2020

A new environmental regulation known as IMO 2020 resulted in what one industry analyst called “the biggest shock to the oil and shipping industry in decades.” Under the new regulation, all offshore ships would have to limit their sulfur emissions by January 1, 2020. Executives at HapagLloyd, one of the world’s largest shipping companies, looked …

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Toys “R” Us in 1999

In 1999, Toys R Us faced the most difficult moment in its history. After first posting losses in 1998, it lost its leadership position in toy retail to WalMart and made a late entry into electronic retail, where eToys beat the competition. How could TRU strengthen its competitive position and improve its profitability?

New Hope Liuhe: Building an Integrated Agri-Food Business

In October 2018, LIU Chang (Angela), president of Beijing-based New Hope Liuhe (NHL), reflected on the company’s strategy. With sales of $ 9 billion and a presence in nearly 20 countries, NHL was China’s largest animal feed manufacturer and one of the leading producers and processors of pork and poultry. The company also marketed a …

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Dabbawallahs of Mumbai (A)

The chairman of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Charity Trust had just returned to his office after meeting Britain’s Prince Charles, who was on an official visit to Mumbai. The Trust was the managing organization of the Dabbawalla food delivery network. Dabbawallah’s service has been internationally named by management scientists and industry executives as exemplary …

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ICI-Nobel’s Explosives Co. (Abridged)

He anticipates an Australian innovation (not mentioned here) that Nobels Explosives would consider later. This is a shortened version of ICINobel’s Explosive Co. (IMD028) that takes Australian innovation into account.