Women@Work: Jane (A)

Case Solution

Roy Chua, Hye Jung Eun, Mengzi Jin
Singapore Management University ()

This 2019 case illustrates a design thinking intervention program conducted at the Elite Smile Specialized Medical Complex in Taif City, Saudi Arabia. The program was part of a doctoral project carried out at the Singapore Management University. The case features Elite’s Smile, a private dental clinic offering a full range of services including routine and complex treatments for adults and children. Although it is an established clinic with extensive dental experience and state-of-the-art equipment, Elite’s Smile faces great challenges in the face of increasing competition from new entrants and increasing customer service expectations. The case discussion encourages participants to assess whether design thinking, a people-centered problem-solving approach, would work in a small and medium-sized business (SME) and outside of the US. The brochure describes the actual intervention program, which took place over six months at Elite’s Smile. The focus of the intervention is a training workshop covering the five-phase design thinking process and the supporting tools for each phase. After the intervention, notable improvements were seen in terms of increased client satisfaction (such as patient loyalty and referral), a more cooperative work culture, and most importantly, increased clinic revenue. The instructor could use the handout to stimulate further discussion on why Design Thinking worked for Elite’s Smile.

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