Illumination Solar: Delivering Energy Poverty Solutions

Case Solution

Cle-Anne Gabriel, Maree Stanley, Shane Thatcher
Ivey Publishing ()

In October 2017, the co-founder of Australian social enterprise Illumination Solar considered his company’s Give Power campaign. After five years developing and supplying portable solar lanterns to some of the world’s poorest communities, including refugee camps, he decided to market his products to Australian customers for outdoor uses such as camping and hiking. As part of the Give Power campaign, Illumination Solar donated a solar lantern to a community in need of every solar product purchased by Australian customers. However, this strategy was unsuccessful. The main goal of the co-founder of his company was to sustainably supply impoverished people in developing countries with high-quality solar lanterns. To achieve this goal, he asked himself what strategy to follow; Should you go back to the original business model, restructure the Give Power campaign, or come up with something completely new to drive higher profits?

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