Marsh and McLennan Companies

This case concerns MMC’s problems in three of its main business areas, which emerged in 2003 and 2004 in rapid succession. The primary focus is on the company’s reputational risks and how shareholder value can be destroyed if such risks occur. In two of the three cases, market capitalization losses dwarf accounting losses from fines, …

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The European Recycling Platform: Promoting Competition in E-Waste Recycling

The European Recycling Platform was the only pan-European recycling organization created in response to the groundbreaking European Union directive promoting e-waste recycling. Braun, Electrolux, HewlettPackard, and Sony introduced ERP in 2002 as an alternative to the monopoly waste collection systems that existed in various European countries at the time. ERP was based on the principle …

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The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

Since its opening in Beijing in November 2007 as the first non-profit arts center in China, UCCA has had the mission of “promoting the advancement of the Chinese art scene, promoting international exchange, and bringing the latest in art and culture. hundreds “. by thousands of visitors each year. “Over the past six years, UCCA …

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IBM’s Reinventing Education (B): West Virginia

Describes IBM’s ongoing Reinventing Education initiative to improve K12 public education via information technology developed by IBM’s engineers and consultants. Focuses on one site, West Virginia, to reveal how IBM and the state created a mutually beneficial partnership that provided the basis for the next step of the initiativeReinventing Education 3.

Business Corruption in China

It provides an overview of corporate corruption in China and places it in a context that takes into account various political, economic, legal and cultural elements. In particular, it examines the ownership structure and structure of companies in China, identifies sources of corruption, and analyzes the effects of corruption on the country’s social and economic …

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Food Security: Business Models in the United States and India, Case A: Food Gatherers in the United States

This three-part case provides the opportunity to engage students in an investigation of how intercultural considerations can influence decision-making in the areas of management, law, operations, and corporate social responsibility. The cases involve two non-profit organizations, one in the US and one in India. Both organizations focus on food redistribution, but face different challenges due …

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