EY People Advisory Services: Challenges of Enabling Global Mobility (A)

Case Solution

Debolina Dutta
Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore ()

Ernst & Young (EY) is a global consortium of companies providing advisory, tax and auditing services in all industries and countries. EY’s People Advisory Services (PAS) team specializes in advising clients on all HR-related systems and processes, including taxes and global mobility compensation. As a partner of EY PAS, Amarpal Singh Chadha’s challenge was to propose the most economical, compliant and most appropriate global compensation structure that would meet the budget requirements set by the client. Part (A) of the case challenges students to come up with the best possible options that address staff needs and comply with host country’s processes and regulations. Part (B) of the case presents the tax complexities that people may encounter when working abroad and on the move.

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