Food Security: Business Models in the United States and India, Case A: Food Gatherers in the United States

This three-part case provides the opportunity to engage students in an investigation of how intercultural considerations can influence decision-making in the areas of management, law, operations, and corporate social responsibility. The cases involve two non-profit organizations, one in the US and one in India. Both organizations focus on food redistribution, but face different challenges due …

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John A. McCarthy, Jr.

Seven years after graduation, an MBA graduate assumes the position of COO in a company he has never heard of, in an industry he knows nothing about. You are climbing a vertical learning curve, mired in crisis, exposed to change and leadership. You also need to develop a complementary working relationship with the CEO.

Intermountain Health Care

Intermountain Health Care (IHC), a Utah-based comprehensive care system, has adopted a new strategy for managing health care. The approach focuses management attention not only on the facilities where care is performed, but also on the physician’s decision-making and the care process itself, with the aim of increasing the productivity of physicians and the quality …

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Insight to Outcome

Most of business activity can be understood as the progression from knowledge to results that go from the initial spark of an idea to the actual realization of financial and strategic results. Yet executives and corporations are not always driving this advance, both in the headline-grabbing large-scale transformative initiatives we read about and the rest …

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Augusta National Golf Club Controversy (A)

The secret membership of the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club is widely believed to exclude women. When feminist lawyer Martha Burk receives a mysterious list of “members”, she has to decide how best to use this information to break the glass ceiling. Burk of the National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO) takes on Hootie Johnson …

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