Intermountain Health Care

Case Solution

Richard Bohmer, Amy C. Edmondson, Laura R. Feldman
Harvard Business School ()

Intermountain Health Care (IHC), a Utah-based comprehensive care system, has adopted a new strategy for managing health care. The approach focuses management attention not only on the facilities where care is performed, but also on the physician’s decision-making and the care process itself, with the aim of increasing the productivity of physicians and the quality of attention, at the same time that money is generated. save money. This case examines the challenges faced by Brent James, Executive Director of the Healthcare Delivery Research Institute at IHC, when implementing new structures and systems (including a patient outcome data warehouse, electronic medical records, computer workstations, clinical data support systems and care protocols) to support the management of clinical processes for a geographically diverse group of physicians with different interests and commitments to IHC. He also emphasizes an innovative strategy for the creation and dissemination of knowledge at the individual and organizational level to ensure high standards of care.

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