Insight to Outcome

Case Solution

Thomas S. Wurster, Derek Kennedy, Jason Zajac
Stanford Graduate School of Business ()

Most of business activity can be understood as the progression from knowledge to results that go from the initial spark of an idea to the actual realization of financial and strategic results. Yet executives and corporations are not always driving this advance, both in the headline-grabbing large-scale transformative initiatives we read about and the rest of the iceberg in core business processes and non-routine initiatives and projects in those that a common definition can influence. the performance of a company. In this tutorial, we argue that leaders can consistently ensure that their organizations are effectively moving from information to outcome, and we discuss three critical behaviors they must adopt to achieve this: managing the sequence of information to outcome as an integrated process. . process from start to finish; recognize and master the challenges of the difficulty curve; and master the complex calculation of strategic turning points.

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