CityCenter (D): Financial Crisis, Grand Opening, and a New Paradigm

“CityCenter (D)” follows cases (A), (B) and (C) with subsequent chronological events until the opening of CityCenter in December 2009 and financial results until March 2010. The case includes a simple evaluation exercise directed to the CEO. to investigate Jim Murren’s options to avoid the bankruptcy of MGM MIRAGE. Case (D) gives Murren the option …

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Pacific Salmon Co., Inc.

RRR, a $ 1 billion private equity fund, is trying to determine how much to bid for Pacific Salmon Inc. and how to finance the acquisition.

The Blackstone Group: Merlin Entertainment

Blackstone Group had developed the theme parks and attractions business in Europe. He thought about how he could generate liquidity for his investors. Blackstone entered the theme parks and attractions business in Europe in 2005 by acquiring a majority stake in UK-based Merlin Entertainment. In 2005 and 2006 Merlin Entertainment acquired two other similar companies, …

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Rico Auto Industries: Raising Private Equity in India

The CEO of a publicly traded Indian auto parts manufacturer has to decide whether to accept a stake in a consortium of private equity companies. He describes the decision-making process for both private equity investors and entrepreneurs and describes the opportunities and risks of investing in India.

Generation Investment Management

By January 2020, Generation Investment Management (Generation), a sustainable investment firm founded in London in 2004, had grown from a shared vision of seven founders to a 90-member company managing $ 27 billion in public and private equity. Throughout its history, Generation has worked to achieve its mission of generating above-average financial returns by investing …

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Lind Equipment

Lind Equipment defaulted on its loan agreements with its senior bank lender in the summer of 2008, just six months after the acquisition. Although the senior bank debt represented only 6% of the capital used in the acquisition and was fully guaranteed, it exercised its right to suspend payments to Lind’s junior lender, who financed …

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Maytag: Takeover Strategies

On April 22, 2005, Maytag Corporation’s stock price fell 28 percent after the company reported disappointing first-quarter results and significantly lowered its 2005 earnings outlook. Material costs and distribution costs. Maytag’s management and board of directors understood the need to make strategic decisions to change the fortunes of their company. Maytag could come up with …

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Durian Capital Inc.: Assignment (Master Programmes)

The case shows how the concepts of operations management can be applied to a service environment (as opposed to manufacturing). With private equity as a framework, the goal is to teach students how to use systematic processes and queue analysis to design professional services operations. Visit the website dedicated to the case for additional …

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Chips on the Side (A): The Buy-Out of Avago Technologies

A consortium of private equity firms (KKR and Silver Lake Partners) is currently acquiring Agilent’s semiconductor business. In preparation for the signing of the purchase agreement and subsequent transfer of ownership, the negotiation team reviews your investment thesis regarding opportunities and risks. Visit the website dedicated to the case (copy and paste the URL …

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