CityCenter (D): Financial Crisis, Grand Opening, and a New Paradigm

Case Solution

John D. Macomber, Griffin H. James
Harvard Business School ()

“CityCenter (D)” follows cases (A), (B) and (C) with subsequent chronological events until the opening of CityCenter in December 2009 and financial results until March 2010. The case includes a simple evaluation exercise directed to the CEO. to investigate Jim Murren’s options to avoid the bankruptcy of MGM MIRAGE. Case (D) gives Murren the option of selling the Borgata Casino in New Jersey or obtaining a stake in the CityCenter itself. Students will use benchmarks and EBITDA projections to perform simple valuation analysis to take a position on the asset being sold. “CityCenter (D)” can serve as a lesson or homework to follow the discussion of the case (C).

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