This note describes the range of skills that can be used for good listening. The skills are designed as a continuum to help students learn when and where to use the various skills. The note is intended to be used in an elective course on interpersonal listening skills or in any class where an introduction …

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Building Effective Working Relationships, Module Note

This notice provides a framework for consciously building effective interpersonal relationships. We will first define the necessary attributes of these relationships. Next, we’ll look at common barriers to effectiveness. Eventually, we will provide tools to build and maintain these relationships.

Personal Charters

It is very difficult to be an effective leader if you don’t know who you are and what you want. People in leadership positions are expected to clarify things for other purposes, visions, values, strategies, and goals. This technical note describes various fundamentals of an effective workgroup and organizational charter, including the important elements of …

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Managing Your Career

Designed to serve as a background reading for the Career Management module of the Power and Influence MBA elective in the sophomore year. Describe how leaders learn and develop through workplace experiences. Describe a model for unleashing the “success syndrome” by building power and influence throughout a career. It also identifies some of the particular …

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James Cranston

Describe the attitudes, feelings, and perceptions of the manager conducting the performance appraisal interview.

What It Really Means to Manage: Exercising Power and Influence

Describe the realities as opposed to the myths of what it means to be a manager. He focuses particularly on the limits of formal authority as a source of power and identifies other sources of power on which effective managers depend. He also describes a framework for exerting influence (the law of reciprocity) and for …

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HIV, AIDS and Antigua and Barbuda

The case of HIV and AIDS in Antigua and Barbuda allows the discussion of a wide variety of topics related to the use of sophisticated business tools in non-traditional business settings, management in the development sector, coordination of the efforts of various stakeholders And the treatment of aspects of personal motivation and conflicts of interest. …

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Differences at Work: Sam (A)

In Differences at work: Sam (A) HBS Case n. 9408021 Sam is one of the few minorities who work at the analyst level at his company. He declines a request from the human resources department to fill the “Asian spot” in his company’s diversity video.

Eugene Kirby (A)

Describe the events leading up to an actual performance appraisal interview, the views, opinions, and attitudes of the subordinates who will be interviewed.