Kiwi Transportation Company

The transition of a business from parent to child can often lead to new strategic directions for a business. New leaders must face past problems and new challenges facing the company. One of the most fundamental problems second-generation leaders face is evaluating new opportunities. Which ones are feasible, which ones are not, and how do …

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Jim Sharpe: Extrusion Technology, Inc. (A)

Jim Sharpe, 11 years after receiving his MBA from Harvard and working for others, is finally his own boss and 100% owner of a manufacturer of aluminum extrusion profiles. After 10 months of unfunded search, he acquires the company in an LBO and prepares to face his employees on the first day.

CML Group, Inc.: Going Public (B)

It includes a description of some of the issues CML Group management faces as the company moves forward with its IPO. Topics and issues addressed in this case include: Considerations in selecting an underwriting team, The IPO market; IPOs as a mechanism for private investors to reap their investments; and short-term management responses to changing …

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Rico Auto Industries: Raising Private Equity in India

The CEO of a publicly traded Indian auto parts manufacturer has to decide whether to accept a stake in a consortium of private equity companies. He describes the decision-making process for both private equity investors and entrepreneurs and describes the opportunities and risks of investing in India.

Looking for Opportunity in Adversity: Iqbal Quadir and Grameenphone (A)

Iqbal Quadir, a former New York investment banker, set out to bring universal telecommunications to his native Bangladesh. He believed that GSM, the same advanced wireless technology that was making its way in the developed countries of Europe, was the right solution for Bangladesh. He brought together a core group of partners in one company, …

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Nashton Partners II

This case follows the story of Jay Davis and Jason Pananos, Harvard Business School classmates who started the Nashton Partners search fund. The case includes your decision to launch a search fund, your investment goals and objectives, and then the search process over a two-year period. At the center of the case, two specific acquisition …

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Fat Angelo’s: Entrepreneurial Growth

Fat Angelo’s was founded in 1998 and is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs who saw a void in Hong Kong’s Italian family restaurants. By the end of 2002 it had become a chain with four restaurants. It illustrates the problems restaurants face during their startup and rapid growth periods. There was an additional store next …

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Incept LLC and Confluent Surgical (A)

A venture capitalist has to decide whether to invest in a medical technology company that licenses the intellectual property of a private property of intellectual property based on platform technology. Entrepreneurs Amar Sawhney and Fred Khosravi founded Incept LLC to commercialize their multipurpose hydrogel technology. The pair then parted ways with Confluent Surgical to develop …

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