Kiwi Transportation Company

Case Solution

Robert Letovsky
North American Case Research Association (NACRA) ()

The transition of a business from parent to child can often lead to new strategic directions for a business. New leaders must face past problems and new challenges facing the company. One of the most fundamental problems second-generation leaders face is evaluating new opportunities. Which ones are feasible, which ones are not, and how do these opportunities affect the business, both financially and in terms of its overall strategic position? This case focuses on a rather unique business, an urban ferry and tour boat operator, as its new CEO evaluates various options to reverse the downward trend in profitability. In addition to quantitative analysis, what qualitative factors must be taken into account to choose the best way forward? Students have the opportunity to develop an analytical model based on the guidelines available in the Instructor Manual. The case also allows students to consider stakeholder impact for various possible strategies.

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