The Pre-Venture Feasibility Analysis: The Andrea Kaneb Case

Case Solution

Mark Rice
North American Case Research Association (NACRA) ()

Andrea Kaneb has been wearing hearing aids for thirty years and has extensive first-hand consumer experience with available hearing aids. From her point of view, the products she tried were too expensive and did not meet the needs and wishes of users. From January to August 2015, Kaneb and three of her MBA colleagues completed a two-semester final team project course in their MBA program in which they developed and evaluated a new company opportunity. she wrote a business plan; and she presented it to a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs / investors. Kaneb’s project team conducted extensive primary and secondary research to analyze the feasibility of a new venture aimed at commercializing an innovative hearing aid system that would be superior to competing products. Topics for her feasibility study included: (1) Timing; (2) MicroMarket (customers, especially new ones); (3) The MacroMarket; (4) The macro industry (especially the competition); (5) The micro-industry (sources of competitive advantage); (6) The business model; (7) The entrepreneurial team; and (8) Estimated Financial Performance. In December 2015, he met with his teacher to review progress and discuss next steps to explore the opportunity. She needed to identify the most critical uncertainties that needed to be addressed before reaching out to investors. develop alternative approaches to address these uncertainties; and decide which approaches you would implement and how. The case study serves as a final exam and / or topic for discussion of the case in the upper class of an introductory course in entrepreneurship where students explored each of these topics through readings, case reviews, and interactions with host entrepreneurs.

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