This case focuses on the impact of a new regulatory pathway, the biosimilars pathway, on the strategy of a large pharmaceutical company that sees its largest product (60% of sales) at risk. In the case, it explores the rationale for the measure, emerging biosimilars market participants, and a number of negative financial outlooks for AbbVie. …

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Performance Management for Health in Washington State

By the mid-2000s, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) had built a national reputation as an innovative and effective agency. But beginning in 2005, when Governor-elect Christine Gregoire introduced a performance management system at the state level, the Government Management, Accountability and Performance Health Department (GMAP) and other government agencies had to regularly explain …

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Electronic Medical Records System Implementation at Stanford Hospital and Clinics

In 2005, Stanford Hospital and Clinics (SHC) was recognized internationally as a premier medical center for its clinical expertise and skills. However, the company lagged behind many of its competitors in terms of operations and information technology (IT). While other large healthcare providers of similar caliber had begun migrating to integrated electronic health records (EMR) …

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EZRA Innovations, LLC

Michael Geranen and Joe Roberts forged a relationship around a disruptive drug delivery technology developed by Dr. Cherngju Kim, a researcher and professor at the University of Arkansas School of Pharmacy for Medical Sciences. After negotiating an exclusive license agreement with the university, EZRA Innovations, LLC began the long and arduous process of capitalizing on …

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DayTwo: Going to Market with Gut Microbiome

DayTwo is a young Israeli company that researches the gut microbiome and machine learning algorithms to provide users with personalized dietary recommendations to minimize blood sugar spikes after meals. After a first year of implementation in Israel, CEO Lihi Segal and her team are developing a global Gotomarket plan for the company. The team is …

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The Novartis Malaria Initiative

The Novartis Malaria Initiative was developed as a result of an agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2001 to provide a revolutionary “not-for-profit” treatment for malaria in public health systems. What began as an exemplary act of corporate responsibility has exceeded all expectations. In 2012, Novartis manufactured and sold more than 100 million …

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Strategic Decision Making in Healthcare Organizations

Based on articles published in both Healthcare Financial Management and the International Journal for Health Planning and Management, this advisory discusses the challenges healthcare organizations face in the 21st century and the types of strategic decisions they must make.

Amil and the Health Care System in Brazil

Dr. Edson Bueno founded Amil, the largest health insurer in Brazil. Unlike many others, it is vertically integrated. Dr. Bueno has two opportunities for growth. Which, if any, should he pursue?

Vanderbilt: Transforming a Health Care Delivery System

In 2013, Vanderbilt University Medical Center was ranked the top-rated hospital in Tennessee by US News and World Report and among the top academic medical centers in the Southeast region. The 2012 US News & World Report Hospital Rankings listed Vanderbilt’s treatment for kidney transplants (11th), women’s health (16th), heart (25th), and cancer (29th) as …

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