Domestic Auto Parts

Describes a management team meeting to discuss business restructuring strategy. The exercise consists of creating a strategy map and a balanced scorecard to capture the new strategy.

Privatization of Anatolia National Telekom: TAD Confidential Instructions

Anatolia National Telekom is a multi-party negotiation simulation based on the Turkish government’s failed attempt to privatize its state telecommunications monopoly, Turk Telekom, in late 1997. It gives participants the opportunity to identify and negotiate complex issues related to valuation and sale of a state-owned company in an emerging market. Members of each negotiation team …

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Making the Grade (A)

It focuses on the dilemma of a young professor at a graduate school of business administration. He must decide what final grade he will give to a student who has worked very hard, but is limited by the school’s Forced Curve grading policy. Designed to examine the multiple purposes of performance measurement (motivation, evaluation, early …

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Ocean Tomo: Building a Market for Intellectual Property

Ocean Tomo’s management team wanted the company to be the main intellectual property broker. Despite its increasingly important role in the global marketplace, intellectual property remained a notoriously illiquid asset that was difficult to value, difficult to trade, and often underused by owners. CEO Jim Malackowski and his colleagues hoped to capitalize on this inefficiency …

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Strategic Activism: The Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Action Network (RAN) worked “to protect the world’s rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants through education, grassroots organizing and direct nonviolent action.” RAN has fulfilled its mission by conducting campaigns to distract companies from the destruction and exploitation of unsustainable forest resources. RAN worked with other non-governmental organizations, student groups, and indigenous …

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Readiness to Internationalize at Maynooth Natural Granite

While internationalization can provide growth opportunities for small Canadian businesses, the challenges it brings can be daunting. In August 2013, the founder and president of Maynooth Natural Granite considered expanding his small business internationally. He was pleased to be able to make his gravel pit a recognized supplier of washed ornamental rock in Ontario. However, …

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