Sweetbriar Hospital (C)

Case Solution

Richard B. Siegrist Jr.
Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health ()

Lucy Norms, Sweetbriar Hospital Operations Director, had just met the ER Director, Dr. Max Warner, on the phone. He was very upset about the current situation in the ER: people are currently entering the corridors of the ER because there were no open beds for inpatients; some patients who wait more than 24 hours to be admitted; Stressed medical staff. “Dr. Warner was concerned about possible errors and probably a decrease in patient satisfaction. Lucy was confused. They had just spent millions of dollars expanding the hospital emergency room, but in the three months since it reopened, it had been done. “Things got worse. She had a strong feeling that all of her problems were related to an ineffective flow of patients at the hospital, but she was not quite sure how to address them.

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