Designing a Surgical Quality Improvement Project at Eastern State Medical Center

In this case, the challenges, benefits, and costs of hospital participation in a widely recognized benchmarking program aimed at improving surgical quality are examined. The American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP¬Æ) reports twice a year to participating hospitals and benchmarks based on data submitted by more than 500 hospitals. Participation …

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Corporate Transformation at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

When Stefan Oschmann became CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany in 2016, the company had begun its transformation from a traditional mid-size German industrial company to a modern, global science and technology company. The portfolio restructuring and reorganization spearheaded by Oschmann’s predecessor, Karl-Ludwig Kley since 2007, had been approved …

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Beanz Versus Starbucks: Personality in a Cup!

The Beanz Espresso Bar is located in downtown Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island, Canada. It operates in a highly competitive market (11 other coffee companies in two blocks). The economy on Prince Edward Island in recent years has seen various diners, restaurants and cafes close their doors while attracting large corporations like Starbucks and Running …

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The Risks of Global Economic Stagnation

In early 2016, stock markets around the world crashed, raising the risk of another great depression hitting the world. In their struggle to recover from the post-2008 global recession, many nations expanded their money supply and lowered interest rates to stimulate both consumer spending and business investment. While some of this monetary expansion boosted output …

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Leadership and Teaming, Module Note

Small differences in how teams are run can have a big impact on the success of your efforts. Many initiatives do not fail because of a fatal miscalculation or because of insufficient ideas, knowledge, motivation or skills to provide a solution. They fail because, as they often hear, “we had to be more of a …

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The Novartis Malaria Initiative

The Novartis Malaria Initiative was developed as a result of an agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2001 to provide a revolutionary “not-for-profit” treatment for malaria in public health systems. What began as an exemplary act of corporate responsibility has exceeded all expectations. In 2012, Novartis manufactured and sold more than 100 million …

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Hudepohl Brewing Co.

It presents the problem of how an established regional brewery can survive the onslaught of national breweries, some of which are cross-subsidized by diversified parent companies. In addition to industry and competition analyzes, it requires detailed analysis of which companies are profitable and unprofitable for Hudepohl. Hudepohl is a private company.