Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.: Safety, Environment and Health

Case Solution

John A. Quelch, Margaret Rodriguez
Harvard Business School ()

In January 2014, Gary Bald, Senior Vice President of Safety, Environment and Health for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCL) prepared for a review meeting with the company’s CEO, Adam Goldstein, and its president, Richard Fain. Before joining RCL in 2006, Bald worked at the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 28 years. After seven years of improving cruise line security, Bald said, “We’ve come a long way, but what keeps me awake at night is what I don’t know.” As he prepared for his meeting with Fain and Goldstein, Bald wondered if his department’s current initiatives would be enough to keep RCL’s position at the forefront of cruise industry best practices, and if RCL would stand out from its competitors. in marketing The industry could and should differentiate between areas of safety, environment and health.

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