Growing a Team at LandCare: Excellence in the Field

Case Solution

Sean Martin, Jenny Craddock
Darden School of Business ()

In October 2018, Mike Bogan, CEO of LandCare, a statewide commercial landscaping company, was concerned about the significant headwinds facing not only LandCare but the entire landscaping industry at the time. When LandCare struggled to hire and retain employees who could prove their legal work status in the United States, LandCare faced fierce competition from small businesses that often did not follow the same rules. Hoping to attract and motivate the right people, Bogan made major organizational changes at LandCare after his appointment as CEO in 2014. These changes included new practices and systems to improve performance, increase employee satisfaction, and foster cultural change within the organization. When Bogan saw positive results in the first round of trade from him, he continued to expand. Readers are faced with Bogan’s decision to implement two additional organizational design elements: “jersey technology” that would allow him to closely track the individual movement and performance of his top-of-the-line landscaping teams, and a daily salary system. That could become your lowest income. in workers who have money on a more regular basis. Students will need to use their new understanding of the Organizational Design Model (ODM) to look at each of these new systems and discuss whether any of the systems should be implemented.

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