Domestic Auto Parts

Describes a management team meeting to discuss business restructuring strategy. The exercise consists of creating a strategy map and a balanced scorecard to capture the new strategy.

Valuing Virtual Integration at Dell Computer

Dell Computer Corp. manufactures, sells, and services personal computers. The company markets its computers directly to its customers and builds computers upon receiving an order from a customer. This build-to-order model allows Dell to make much smaller working capital investments than its competitors. It also enables Dell to take better advantage of lower component prices …

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DuPont-NASCAR Marketing

In 1992 Joe Jackson, a twelve-year manager of DuPont Motorsports, wanted to acquire the paint business at all sixty-five Rick Hendricks car dealerships in the United States. To win the Hendrick dealership paint job, Jackson and Hendrick met to discuss the possibility of sponsoring Hendrick’s new team and NASCAR rookie driver Jeff Gordon. As a …

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Avaya (D): Early Results of Demand Generation

Avaya senior management wants to improve demand generation. This requires an improvement in the relationship between sales and marketing. This case series (Avaya (A) (D)) guides the student through each phase of this process. Case (A) begins with the company’s background and challenges the student to develop a strategy to improve the way sales and …

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Measuring Interim Period Performance

Covers intermediate accounting goals, theories, and practices. Specific financial analysis concerns related to this topic will be discussed. A rewritten version of a previous note.

Hamilton Financial Investments: A Franchise Built on Trust

Provides a tool for students to assess risk management in the fast-paced mutual fund industry. A new risk manager has been hired to implement new management controls and procedures. A series of decisions will determine how much business and franchise risk the company takes.

Mobil USM&R (C): Lubricants Business Unit

The CEO of a lubricants business unit in Mobil’s marketing and refining division in the United States initiated a project to develop a balanced scorecard (BSC) for his unit. The goal was to give all employees in the unit a focus to enable integrated action. After the unit scorecard was developed, the managing director asked …

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Thermo Electron Corp.

George Hatsopoulos, CEO of Thermo Electron Corp., is considering issuing shares in a subsidiary through an initial public offering (IPO). The company has developed an unusual corporate structure in which subsidiaries fund startups by raising debt and equity in the capital markets rather than through the parent company.

Chemical Bank: Implementing the Balanced Scorecard

Chemical Bank’s private client division faces declining margins and increased competition in the loan, deposit collection and processing business. You would like to implement a new strategy to become a preferred financial services provider for target groups of clients. The division is adapting the balanced scorecard to clarify and communicate the new strategy and identify …

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