EdGE Networks: Making HR Intelligent

Case Solution

Debolina Dutta, Shankar Venkatagiri
Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore ()

Innovations in big data and machine learning have begun to spread to various functions in the workplace. The case touches on the challenges of introducing a culture shift in the HR departments of large companies that may not have fully embraced the technology-enabled mindset backed by robust analytics. In the context of a large IT company (HCL Technologies), the case provides an appropriate context to discuss whether technology offerings such as HIREalchemy from EdGE Networks can stimulate the talent acquisition function. Can the use of such information technologies contribute to the HR function breaking its “administrative” image and appearing as a strategic contribution to the management exercises of the organization? Will these technologies disrupt the recruitment function and possibly disrupt the training and development function? While engaging the learner on these questions, the case also provides an insight into the ground realities of industry sectors such as IT/ITeS that rely on a welloiled people supply chain.

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