Digital Marketing at Unilever International

Case Solution

Benoit Leleux, Pallivathukkal Cherian Abraham
IMD ()

SINGAPORE, SEPTEMBER 2018. UI was launched in Singapore by Unilever veterans to replace the export units of the most inefficient operating companies (OpCos) with a dedicated group focused on leveraging the “white space” of secondary brands and segments concentrated consumers. (such as diasporas and religious subgroups), new channels (such as airports and cruise ships), and regions that are not large enough to warrant the attention of Unilever OpCos. The group quickly demonstrated its value proposition, doubling its sales in less than four years with higher margins and growth rates than the parent company. Until 2016, Aseem was in charge of organizing the marketing function and assembled a team of 15 people based at the headquarters. Managing over 10,000 brand / country cells remotely, the team had to rely heavily on digital marketing, leveraging third-party resources, including open talent platforms, to gain leverage, cut costs, and grow faster. In the last 18 months there have been 250 product launches while advertising and promotional costs have been reduced by 20%. Now Aseem needed to take digital marketing to the next level. Should I increase spending limits by brand / country?

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