Carrie Wagner: Climbing the Corporate Ladder (C) – Cut the Cord?

Case Solution

Anne Mesny, Brian King, Viana Poulin, Catherine Lassure
HEC Montreal Centre for Case Studies ()

This three-part case traces Carrie Wagner’s career at a large international parcel company over a 30-year period, during which she went from a vacation job as a student to executive positions. Part (C) Cut the wire? (5 p.) At 46, Carrie is seen as a possible vice president and reluctantly accepts a position as a human resources manager reporting to the president and his first vice presidents. The case describes the challenges of this new position for Carrie and how difficult it is for her to work in an advisory role outside of the operating business. After five years in this position, she discovers an opportunity outside the company that sparks her interest. This opportunity, combined with several other considerations involving both professional and personal factors, leads Carrie to wonder if she is not stepping down from a potential vice president position and at the company she has worked for 30 years, should she “cut the cord” .

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