Urban Spring: Building a Sustainable Social Enterprise

Case Solution

Simon Lam, Ingrid Piper
University of Hong Kong ()

Urban Spring is an important social enterprise. Hong Kong people buy around 2.5 million bottles of water every day. When Urban Spring launched its award-winning, high-tech Well ‰ ∫ï fountains, most plastic packaging was sent to landfill, adding hazardous chemicals to the environment. The founder of Urban Spring has set himself the task of reducing the city’s plastic waste and encouraging people to use bottled water more sustainably. By providing consumers with clean, cold water free of charge around the clock, Urban Spring has replaced more than 5.28 million plastic bottles that would otherwise have ended up in landfills. Under the direction of CEO Ada Yip, the Urban Spring design team has created a remotely monitored source for hygiene, water quality and data collection. The units are rented to companies, hotels, schools and educational institutions. With second-generation fonts ready for launch, the company must now make critical decisions about its future expansion and potential partnerships.

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