Leo Burnett Co. Ltd.: Virtual Team Management

Case Solution

Joerg Dietz, Fernando Olivera, Elizabeth O'Neil
Ivey Publishing ()

Leo Burnett Co. Ltd. is a global advertising agency. The company is partnering with one of its largest customers to launch a new line of hair care products in the trial markets of Canada and Taiwan in preparation for a global launch. Typically, after a brand is launched, the Global Brand Center transfers responsibility for the brand and future campaigns to the local market offices. In this case, however, the brand launch was unsuccessful. Communication and team dynamics have collapsed in recent months and relationships are strained. To make matters worse, a series of staffing changes at clients and agencies could jeopardize the stability of the team and the agency-client relationship. The Global Account Director must decide whether to proceed with the early decision to change the global team structure to give one of the teams more autonomy, or whether to maintain more centralized control over the team. It also has to recommend how to move forward with the brand and what changes in team or management structure are necessary.

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