Eye-Q: Vision for the Long Term

Case Solution

S. Ramakrishna Velamuri, Geetika Shah
Ivey Publishing ()

Two lifelong friends, one a doctor and the other a business professional, joined forces in 2007 to create EyeQ Super Specialty Hospitals. Driven by their common goal of bringing world-class eye care to places where such services were urgently needed, the partners decided to operate in small towns in India. They both believed in a vision that combined a socially oriented business model with an economically viable company, and they had achieved great success with this model in the first seven years of its existence. In January 2014, when defining growth plans for EyeQ Super Specialty Hospitals, the partners decided to expand the organization’s reach from 30 to 125 hospitals over the next five years. Was this growth expectation realistic? What strategy is best suited to this goal?

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