Edgcomb Metals: The Troy Plant (A)

Case Solution

Phillip E. Pfeifer, Glenn A. Ferguson
Darden School of Business ()

The Edgcomb Metals Plant Manager in Troy, Virginia, faces complaints that the current driver pay system guarantees an eight-hour, one-and-a-half hour shift for overtime reward drivers who “take their time. “on daily assigned delivery routes. To investigate these claims, the plant manager collects data on the total hours, the number of kilometers and the number of stops for multiple delivery trips from each of the two drivers, one recognized as the best and most conscientious and the another as the slowest. A companion booklet (OM0576) contains the results of a regression analysis of the data to facilitate a comparison of the two drivers and to suggest a method for developing standard times. (Case B is OM0562 and Case C is OM0571).

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