Doctor On Demand

Case Solution

Robert Chess, Joseph Golden
Stanford Graduate School of Business ()

This case looks at the state of telemedicine, or the remote delivery of healthcare services through telecommunications technology, in 2019. Doctor On Demand, a promising startup in the field, sought to solve the four biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry. telemedicine has faced in the past. First, most Americans who had health insurance through their employers also received telemedicine services, but very few were aware of these services and even fewer had tried them. Second, there was a lack of adequate incentives for payers such as health insurers and large self-insured companies, a situation that kept rates of telehealth use persistently low. Third, Doctor On Demand and its competitors needed to add more providers and offer patients a broader range of healthcare services if they were to drive the next growth of their platforms. And fourth, the regulatory environment in which the platforms operated was incredibly complex, and if history were any indicator, other actors in the US healthcare system who felt threatened by telemedicine would do anything to prevent its rise. The stakes were high, and not just for Doctor On Demand. If CEO Hill Ferguson and his team could address the top four issues facing the industry, they could unlock the potential of telemedicine to bring better healthcare to more people at a lower cost.

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