BotGo: Growing Pains

BotGo was founded in 2007 by Ravi Panchal, an engineer after losing motivation to continue a leadership role in his work. Panchal, a skilled technician, was inspired to create an underwater tank cleaning robot. He started BotGo with his savings and recruiting his friends for key positions in the company. He also started university robotics …

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Analyzing Inventory Cost and Service in Supply Chains

Supply chains consume a large amount of capital and are responsible for most of the cost of goods and operations of a company. Supply chains also create significant value and can be the determining factor for a business to retain its customers. Using concrete examples, this case presents students with an inventory model that shows …

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IBM’s Reinventing Education (B): West Virginia

Describes IBM’s ongoing Reinventing Education initiative to improve K12 public education via information technology developed by IBM’s engineers and consultants. Focuses on one site, West Virginia, to reveal how IBM and the state created a mutually beneficial partnership that provided the basis for the next step of the initiativeReinventing Education 3.

Palm (D): Epilogue as of 2008

This series of cases addresses three important turning points in Palm’s history that relate to decisions about its platform: when the company considered opening its operating system (OS) to licensing to third-party hardware manufacturers; 2001 when the company decided to split into two independent companies; and in 2005 when the company migrated from its own …

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Danimal in South Africa: Management Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid

The case focuses on management innovations in the South African dairy industry and describes how an innovative new yogurt product, Danimal, was developed specifically for the bottom of the pyramid market. Explain how product line management has incorporated the various innovation opportunities and challenges. The concept was initially introduced to test the feasibility of serving …

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Biocon: From Generics Manufacturing to Biopharmaceutical Innovation

Founded in 1978 as a joint venture between Biocon Biochemicals Ltd, Ireland, and a company run by Ms Kiran MazumdarShaw, a young Indian entrepreneur, Biocon has long depended on income from the production of enzymes and generics. However, competitive pressure within Germany and other emerging countries such as China rapidly eroded the price level in …

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Business Process Transformation at the CIA (Epilogue)

When Dick Calder was appointed director of the CIA (DA) in 1995, he was faced with the task of leading a beleaguered organization at a difficult time. As the unit charged with delivering its most glamorous intelligence to gather and analyze information, it has endured the worst part of a decade of agency budget cuts. …

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