Club Sportif MAA: Staying Ahead of the Game

Case Solution

Robert Mackalski, Delaney Brown, Marc Ducusin
Ivey Publishing ()

Club Sportif MAA (MAA) was an iconic fitness club and sports facility in Montreal and the oldest gym in Canada. In early 2017, the club president and general manager faced a changing market and pressures to ensure that the club continued to evolve and remain competitive. Consumer and fitness trends had increasingly fragmented the market in this area, and MAA membership has declined since 2016. Traditionally catering to a fairly exclusive clientele, MAA had to revise its fitness, health and social offerings to see how they could meet the changing needs of a broader and more diverse customer base without sacrificing brand character. The president had to decide how to preserve the MAA’s luxurious image while increasing its appeal. It had to determine which market segments it should target and how it could best convey the MAA’s offerings to these specific groups.

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