BCN Brand: Selling Barcelona Around the World

Case Solution

Xavier Oliver, Rosa Sicart

In just three years and with 13 employees, Pablo Caralps has created BCN Brand, an ambitious company with a presence in eight countries and an interesting portfolio: colored sneakers, polo shirts, swimsuits, mobile phone covers, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets, leather goods, bicycles and even fire extinguishers. Whose target is it? Transmitting the feeling of an endless summer and exporting the Barcelona lifestyle, a strategy with resounding success: 700,000 sales in 2014 and around 1 million in 2015, 70% from abroad. However, BCN Brand relied heavily on intuition and trial and error, and was at a tipping point in November 2015: should you hire a chief marketing officer to give the company a solid foundation and introduce planning in your business? Strategy? Or should they continue to rely on intuition, freedom of movement, and spontaneity?

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