WinChannel’s Digital Gambit to Revitalize Rural China (A)

This case provides an overview of China’s consumer goods industry in the early 2010s from the perspective of WinChannel, an information service provider for large consumer goods companies in China. It describes the three main sales channels (ie RoutestoMarket) and focuses on the challenges faced by the traditional retail channel through which mass consumer goods …

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Molten Metal Technology (A)

This case describes the beginnings of Molten Metal Technology and its emerging technologies, the impact of regulations on its business, environmental impact, the waste collection and disposal industry, and Molten Metal Technology’s ability to expand in the competitive environment in the future.

What If …?

This note develops a variety of approaches to sensitivity analysis in the context of an advertising decision for a consumer product. The analyzes include the development of optimistic / pessimistic scenarios, a unique sensitivity analysis with representation in the format of a tornado diagram, and threshold values ​​(breakeven).

Apple Inc.

CEO Tim Cook faces several issues, each of which is related to identifying a source of long-term growth for Apple as Apple increasingly relies on iPhone sales. Since Steve Jobs’ death, Cook has successfully led Apple, making it the first company valued at more than $ 800 billion. However, under Cook’s leadership, Apple has largely …

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Jay Gould and the Coming of Railroad Consolidation

There is concern about Jay Gould’s role in creating large regional rail systems in the United States after the Civil War. He is used in class to demonstrate the inevitability of consolidation in this industry.

Wii Encore?

Nintendo ran into major difficulties in July 2011. Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox had caught up with the innovative motion detection controls of the original Wii. And the new handheld console, Nintendo 3DS, got off to a very disappointing start. Furthermore, video game consoles (especially handheld consoles) have been increasingly replaced by online and mobile …

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Cluster Analysis for Segmentation

This notice is for use in an MBA market research course. Provides an overview of segmentation with Kmeans clustering. A simple algorithm is provided for Kmeans clustering and the profile clustering process. The memorandum discusses the need for segmentation in marketing and emphasizes the role of management judgment in selecting a segmentation policy. Examples from …

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Radiometer, 2013

In 2013, Radiometer continued to lead the world in blood gas analysis equipment and accessories, selling directly and through distributors to central hospital labs, point-of-care locations, and out-of-hospital medical locations. Founded in 1935 and headquartered in Denmark, Radiometer was acquired by the United States-based Danaher Corporation in January 2004. Under Danaher’s leadership, Radiometer launched an …

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Note on Organization Design

It is about the organizational designer trying to create a structure, rewards and measurement system compatible with the external environment, strategy, tasks, members of the organization, leadership style and existing culture.