waterdrop (R): Changing the Paradigms of the Beverage Industry with Limited Resources and Digital Marketing

Case Solution

Joerg Niessing, Anne-Marie Carrick, Carla Baumer

INSEAD alumnus Martin Murray is the inventor of the water drop, a cube made from natural flavors, superfood extracts, and vitamins, which by adding flavor encourages you to drink more water. Although he is initially building a company on a tight budget, he knows that creating a unique brand is key to the success of his innovation. Waterdrop is not just a separate category “a micro drink”, but unlike most drinks, the buckets can also be sold online. With a “drink more water” product positioning, he is testing the brand in his local Austrian market. The case accompanies Martin from the initial idea (driven by the limited supply of beverages aboard a flight to Singapore) to hiring a small team to start what he believes will be a game changer in the beverage industry. non-alcoholic.

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